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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Virtual Learning

WUVA teachers provide daily live virtual instruction to students via Google Meet or Zoom. Our schedule is a full day of instructional minutes that includes Live Virtual Instruction, small group instruction, breakout rooms with peers, independent work with teacher assistance, and asyncrhonous work. Students also receive asynchonrous PE and Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) classes.


Events on Campus

Students participate in seasonal drive-thru events to interact with their teachers. Students in grades K-3 also receive their monthly learning supplies, such as art activities, science kits, and paper packets to supplement their daily learning. Our upper elementary and middle school students receive supplies as needed, such as when starting a novel study or a new unit in math or science that require a more hands-on experience.


Engaging Instruction

Our students receiving engaging virtual instruction from our teachers in grades K - 8. Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies and programs to keep students engaged, receiving rigorous and high quality first instruction. Our teachers primarily use Google Classroom, while a few supplement that platform with SeeSaw and Canvas. Teachers also use Class Dojo or Remind to communicate frequently with families.


On Campus Activities

Students at WUVA in grades 3 - 8 come to campus for a handful of learning opportunities in the Spring. While students are on campus for our CAASPP test, they are also receiving hands on instruction in math & science, as well as team building opportunities with their classmates. Students in 3rd Grade also come to campus for GATE Testing, and students in Grades 5 & 7 come for their California Fitness Test.